What is Sirqul?

Sirqul is an IoT platform with over 60 modular services, we call ingredients, empowering companies and organizations of all sizes to deploy IoT solutions in the Cloud and at the Edge. Sirqul also offers 30 Skinnable, pre-made recipes for applications and dashboards that can be customized to build any type of IoT application.

Sirqul’s platform and patented technologies empower Internet of Things (IoT) device manufacturers, enterprises, and cloud enabled application ecosystem owners (AEO’s) to rapidly create dynamic, connected, and engaging experiences and applications for their Customers, Users and Employees.

Our name represents our philosophy. Sirqul is pronounced "circle" because we enable a community, a circle that is, of developers, IoT ecosystem owners, advertisers, device manufacturers, infrastructure providers, Customers and end users to combine Sirqul ingredients, recipes and to add new recipes to inspire each other and drive innovation.

Our Logo is inspired by the novelty of our approach: The magnifying glass represents our multi-year work to take a plethora of popular applications and distill them down into their core ingredients. With this approach, Sirqul has enabled the rapid conceptualization, development, deployment, and monetization of branded, connected applications. This approach builds upon decades of thought for what connected networks of devices with different capabilities can accomplish and supports multiple verticals, as well as the emergence of solutions and applications future startups have yet to think of.

Robert Frederick

Our Founder’s Story

Robert Frederick, founder and CEO of Sirqul, has been focused on connected communities of devices, people and businesses since 1993. Launching Sirqul in 2013 was an important milestone in the path to achieve his vision for the future. Robert grew up in the “Maker” community that was fueled by Heathkit, Radio Shack, and Jameco in the 1970’s and 1980’s. He was inspired by the boundless future potential of smart connected devices and leveraged this passion to attend MIT, to work on projects in the MIT Media Lab, and to join one of the first startups focused on standards that would later be called BlueTooth in the late nineties. The startup’s licensed product, DeviceTalk.com, was a central server running Intelligent Agents that used event-based logic to complete actions on behalf of its users via simple commands and conditional triggers. Amazon.com acquired DeviceTalk.com in 1999 and Robert led Amazon’s first forays in Mobile Commerce in the USA, Europe, and Asia for three years via a program called Amazon Anywhere. Robert then obtained approval for launching and driving the technical framework for the Amazon Web Services (AWS) offering in 2002 with Colin Bryar. AWS sparked the birth and adoption of the Cloud and changed the course of Amazon to continue to be used “Anywhere”, by anybody, enabling entrepreneurs and enterprises to leverage Amazon’s innovations. However, it wasn’t until the rise in popularity of Apple’s iPhone, Google’s Android, and Facebook’s Community that the connected community powered by the Cloud caught on and that “Internet of Things” became a popular/futuristic concept. Today, almost 23 years after Robert began focusing on connected use cases and technologies, people expect their devices to be smart, to make their lives easier, and to learn via OTT/OTA updates, business intelligence, and predictive algorithms.